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SkidMark has teamed up with guitartabbooks.com to bring you FREE monthly online guitar lessons written by Billboard Magazine top-rated instructor Scott Morris! From budding novice to axe-swinging pro, these easy to follow monthly installments will help kick start your guitar-playing career or give a little polish to your proven technique!!

Introduction - An Explanation of Tabulature (tab)
Lesson 1 - Riff Building Using 3 Scale Progression
Lesson 2 - The Major Scale Formula
Lesson 3 - Finger Tapping Modes
Lesson 4 - Arpeggios
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Style File 1- Guitar Lick of the Day
Style File 2- Metal Rock - Metallica Style
Style File 3 - Greatest Guitar Riffs in Rock History
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SUGGEST-A-TAB!! Future Lesson Suggestion
If there's a specific song / riff or lesson you'd like to see in a future edition of SkidMark, email Scott direct below and he'll have a go at transcribing it!!
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Tabulature WISH list
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