May 2002 Gig Review

Har Har Har Mateys!!!

My task as your fearless leader in this musical landscape is to inform you of musical stuff happening in my part of this big ball of clay. Well, this time I`ll give you something typically Dutch. As many of you ignorant people might not know (hehehe) we`ve got a queen as head of state.

She, of course, also sometimes has her birthdays, I mean, she is said to be human too.

In our country the queen`s birthday is being celebrated on April 30th. Every year, a holiday yes. What better excuse to organise some drinking feast then, the day before? And there it was born; Queensnight!


Queensnight in Tegelen (the Netherlands) is where I went this year, small town, cozy, nice, beer, women, bands. Very small town really, some 20 bars in total, and in some 10 to 15 of them (located in the centre) there were freely accessible concerts.

Of course yours truly visited several of them, but the one that stood out was a concert by a metalcoverband called Stormrider ( . The band consists of 5 men that have already earned their fame in Dutch speed/ prog/ thrash metal bands.

I strongly advice you to check out their website.

If you haven`t seen a band that covers good eighties metal, in all it`s diversity; check them out some day. Rob Halford-like screams, ripping staccato guitars, screaming ten-thousand-in-one-note guitar solos, double bass, great vocal harmonies, the works! This band brings music like it should be brought; flying hair, banging guitars, bouncing bass, thumping drums. Damn they kick ass!

And yes, it`s great to get wasted while being reminded that old school heavy metal is coming back again!

Check out their setlist below, and remember: as good as the original versions...

If this isn`t impressive, then I'll burn my guitars!

Cheers, Ed,

Oh, here`s some pics of the band:

Aren't We Cute?!
Vocalist Rogier
Guitarist Jos
Guitarist Marcel
Stromriders Setlist:

Battle Hymns

Master Of Puppets

Damage Inc.

Bonded By Blood

Future Tense

Chalice Of Blood

Black Magic

Seasons In The Abyss

Surf Nicaragua

World Circus

Don't Talk To Strangers

Fast As A Shark

Sargeant D

Don't Believe A Word

Victim Of Changes


Spiritual Healing

2 Minutes To Midnight

Bark At The Moon

Crazy Train

Killer Of Giants

Children Of The Grave

Alison Hell

Never, Neverland

Rescue Me


Over The Wall


Cemetary Gates

Voracious Souls

A Room With A View

Extreme Agression

Peace Sells But Who's Buying

Unstoppable Force


No place For Disgrace

Inner Self

Circle Of The Tyrants

Ton Of Bricks

Beyond The Black

Burn In Hell

- Manowar

- Metallica

- Metallica

- Exodus

- Sanctuary

- Forbidden

- Slayer

- Slayer

- Sacred Reich

- Toxik

- Dio

- Accept

- S.O.D.

- Thin Lizzy

- Judas Priest

- Judas Priest

- Death

- Iron Maiden

- Ozzy Osbourne

- Ozzy Osbourne

- Ozzy Osbourne

- Black Sabbath

- Annihilator

- Annihilator

- Y&T

- Rainbow

- Testament

- Mercyful Fate

- Pantera

- Death Angel

- Death Angel

- Kreator

- Megadeth

- Agent Steel

- Anthrax

- Flotsam & Jetsam

- Sepultura

- Celtic Frost

- Metal Church

- Metal Church

- Twisted Sister