Dec 2003 Gig Review

Okay then,
well, last week, saturday the November 22nd, we played cafe Harleys in Haelen, the Netherlands, a small, but cozy biker bar. Bikers everywhere, Harley Davidson flying proudly, me carrying a Soviet Flag over my amplifier hehehe. tease them...

It was an electrifying expierience. Electrifying, literally; it`s located at a roadside with no other buildings in sight. Just the river Meuse, woods, and a big ass powerplant! electrifying indeed...

We played two sets consisting of our own stuff (listen on http://www.sleazydreams.nl on our samples page), and some covers. Those covers being "Gimme Shelter", Rolling Stones, but then raunchy, like the version they played at the Altamont festival with Mick taylor swinging his bad bad bad Gibson Les Paul and tormenting the thing.
"Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics/ Marilyn Manson, nice what you can do to that song... "I love you like I love myself" by the late but great herman Brood (remember his seventies hit "Saturday Night"), and other songs of course.

Had some difficulty with the microphones; we got power on the mikes! So we almost fried our lips, until we decided to cover the mikes up with a sock and plastic hehehe.

Then played two kick ass sets, we are still going strong on our expieriences on this years Bospop festival where we played with the likes of ZZ Top, Dio, Saxon, Motorhead, Bonnie Raitt, ten Years After, Simple Minds and other great acts.

We got a good response from the crowd, they had good beer (Bitburger - good beer from Germany, Hoegaarden - great stuff from Belgium) and of course my friend Jack D.!

Needless to say we got completely wasted, that wasted that I don`t really remember those four girls right in front of my mike... or do I?...

Hmmm, cheers, Ed

Sleazy Dreams Rockin' Bospop 2003
The fans go crazy... literally!
For those about to rock we salute you!