Freak Out

And it’s done! The remix of the track ‘Time Terrorist’ is complete! I mixed two final versions to choose from and now they’ve returned from having do their magic to them, I’ve selected the 220621 mix as the track to be used on the Flicknife Records compilation album, ‘Flipside Freaks Red’. The album will … Read more

Sonic Tripper

Last month it was revealed by Flicknife records that an exclusive remix of the title track from the ‘Time Terrorist‘ E.P. was to be included on the first album of their latest compilation album series called ‘Flipside Freaks’. The remix includes a brand new drum track provided by a seasoned veteran of a thousand sonic … Read more

Welcome to the machine

Please insert the biochip marked ‘Space Rock Euphoria’ into your cranial slot and reboot your cerebral / CPU interface BIOS. You are now ready. Welcome to the all new INCUBUS LOVECHILD web site which will serve as a transcript of the aural adventures of the Cyber Assassin both past & future. Come back regularly as … Read more