New E.P. Release Imminent!

***INCOMING TRANSMISSION*** Well my human friends, I spent part of the weekend planning the release of the Deadworld album proper and, realistically, taking into account how slow the production of polyvinyl Chloride data discs are on your planet, the album proper won’t be available until at least November. So, I’ve decided to give you a … Read more

Third Edition Now Out

Greetings esteemed members of species Homo Sapien!As festie season is fast approaching (and the fact I’ve only six second edition CDs left!), I thought it prudent to have cousin Zaaarg fly in some more stock from Rap-Ra Prime, but as he’s off vacationing on some rocky beach in the Asteroid belt, I had instead those … Read more

Minor Adjustments To The Human Suit

I had to have some minor adjustments made to this poorly fitting human disguise yesterday but it isn’t stopping me working on outstanding material for the CD version of the Deadworld album (the vinyl is constrained to 9 tracks whereas the CD will contain more). This morning I was modifying the original base midi file for … Read more

New Addition To The Sonic Armory

Great start to ’23 – picked up my completed Dave Brock tribute Westone guitar from the luthier this morning, (Along with the freshly serviced Americaster Disaster telecaster!). I’d almost forgotten how gorgeous the Alan Arthurs paint job is in the flesh and the new Seymour Duncan pick ups sound awesome! Can’t wait to use it this … Read more

Deadworld Cover Art Revealed

As promised on the Incubus Lovechild facebook page, Here’s the cover of the forthcoming ‘Deadworld’ album painted by ALAN ARTHURS (artist on a number of HAWKWIND, ALAN DAVEY & HAWKESTREL releases amongst others) – The jpeg doesn’t do it justice – the colours & detail LEAP out of the picture in the flesh! The back … Read more

Lovechild Live @ Last!

Incubus Lovechild took human form to play his first live appearance at the On Board The Craft festival in Bromsgrove, UK on Friday 9th September – you can view the entire set on Youtube here:

Rendezous & reviews

What a week my human friends! It’s been a busy & exciting time in the Lovechild camp with lot’s going on – I have been reviewing the demos of the ‘Deadworld’ album in my purpose built acoustic anechoic chamber and, as you can see from my intense purple glow (a sign of Rap-Rarian euphoria), they … Read more

Alien Sighting in Scotland

Greetings Incubus lovechildren! I had a most pleasing 48 hour visit to Earth recently to deliver the latest batch of Time Terrorist vinyl to Jellybone Records in Dumfries, Scotland – one of your planet’s premier suppliers of stoner, psyche & space rock recordings. I even picked up a selection of primitive albums to take back … Read more