New E.P. Release Imminent!


Well my human friends, I spent part of the weekend planning the release of the Deadworld album proper and, realistically, taking into account how slow the production of polyvinyl Chloride data discs are on your planet, the album proper won’t be available until at least November.

So, I’ve decided to give you a taster of what’s to come by releasing a DEADWORLD PREVIEW E.P. in the coming weeks! The four selected tracks have already been transmitted to the ancient ones at the galactic core to enable them to be encoded into a form able to stimulate your primitive brains without any permanent damage…

The artwork is also a ‘taster’ inasmuch it is but an enlarged (tiny) portion of the rear cover of the album proper painted by the Terran master of space rock art, ALAN ARTHURS.

Ensure you monitor incoming signals from the off worlds to guarantee you do not miss out on this limited edition release which also features Ex-Hawkwind Bassmeister, NIALL HONE and award winning poet OZ HARDWICK!!

Peace Out. ✌👽


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