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News 0622
What a week my human friends! It’s been a busy & exciting time in the Lovechild camp with lot’s going on – I have been reviewing the demos of the ‘Deadworld’ album in my purpose built acoustic anechoic chamber and, as you can see from my intense purple glow (a sign of Rap-Rarian euphoria), they are really coming along and are on track to be completed for the production deadline next month.
I piloted the Lovechild Love mobile to a remote meeting location on the M6 last night to take delivery of the NEW ALBUM ARTWORK! I had to do this covertly as the imagery created by the hand of none other than ALAN ARTHURS, if seen in the flesh prior to digitising, would have melted the eyeballs and minds of the common man with sheer visual ecstasy!
Finally, I was most pleased to receive the latest transmission of the revered publication HAWKFAN (57) through the Lovechild galactic transceiver this week and to see Incubus Lovechild releases discussed within it’s hallowed pages – Brian Tawn is indeed an enlightened individual (are you sure he is human and not a higher being living among you?!). It made my week and I am greatly indebted to him.
I look forward to distributing the Deadworld album to your planet towards the end of your year and I look forward to seeing some of you when I reveal some of the album content live at On Board The Craft festival in September – until then humans, peace, love & (space) rock & roll! ✌️👽

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