Time Terrorist Cassette Released

Time Terrorist Cassette

Greetings Humans! To celebrate the first anniversary of the ‘Time Terrorist’ E.P. arriving on your planet, SkidMark Multimedia Productions has released a limited (50 units) cassette which includes two bonus tracks and comes with a NEW design vinyl sticker to adorn your primitive modes of transport / abodes / Waste matter cubicles / places of work (delete as applicable).
This will be the last issue of Time Terrorist in any format as I look to the future and the completion of the ‘Deadworld’ album. It is shaping up nicely and you may need to purchase new neural overload filters before plugging it into your audio play back devices as, in my humble opinion, IT’S GOING TO BLOW YOUR MIND MAN! 😁✌️👽
The cassette is available at www.incubuslovechild.bandcamp.com and all good Rap-Rarian outposts along the asteroid belt. My thanks Earthlings!

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