Vive La Lovechild!

The Flicknife records compilation album ‘Flipside Freaks red’, which contains a remixed version of the track ‘Time Terrorist’, got a cracking review in the latest Vive La rock magazine (Issue #88), and Incubus Lovechild got a favourable mention too! (Space) Rock On Earthlings!!

New Single Out Now!

OUT NOW! The digital & limited edition versions of the three track ‘Space Whaling’ single are available now on Featuring an extended intro version of Space Whaling & two new tracks of which said “Cool new tracks! Hawking’s Dream is proper epic & Ghosts has got some lovely intricate design” – go have … Read more

Time Terrorist Vinyl Pre-Sale out NOW!

***START TRANSMISSION*** Greetings Incubus Lovechildren! The time has arrived to unleash the multi-coloured magnificence of the 12″ transparent red & yellow spatter vinyl on the unsuspecting population of your planet. This vinyl will only ever be 250 (numbered) pressings and comes with an A3 DOUBLE sided poster, 8 page full colour illustrated lyric book and … Read more

Flipside Freaking

The first installment of Flicknife records latest compilation series ‘Flipside Freaks Red’ landed this weekend and I’m proper chuffed with the way the exclusive remix of ‘Time Terrorist’ sounds – the whole album flows seamlessly and I’m made up to be in the company of some excellent musicians – this album rocks! Get your copy … Read more

Lovechild in Hot Water

Greetings Humans! I was hoping to launch the Space Whaling CD-r single (Limited to 25 copies only) last Bandcamp Friday, but the universe was against me this time! A few days ago as I was prepping the tracks for mixing & mastering this ambient offering, the archaic, primitive heating system in my Terran safehouse known … Read more

On Board The Craft

Greetings humans! I returned from the On Board The Craft festival yesterday and are now feeling suitably BUNTARG! (The closest human translation would be a combination of the words ‘Relaxed’, ‘Satisfied’, ‘Euphoric’ & ‘recharged’). Being in close proximity to enlightened humanoids who appreciate the cerebral stimulation frequencies of the space rock collectives performing there, was … Read more

Hawkfan 56

Was absolutely made up when the latest issue of the Hawkwind fan club magazine, Brian Tawn’s HAWKFAN (56) materialised in my habitat matter transmitter / receiver recently – Getting a fantastic review of the ‘Time Terrorist’ CD in a publication I’ve respected since the 80s, is to me as far out as a review in … Read more

Grab a Test Pressing

Greetings Earthlings! Three of your lunar cycles ago I failed to select the lucky humans who would be offered the chance to purchase one of the three available test pressings of the ‘Time Terrorist’ vinyl for only 5,000 galactic credits! (£30.00 + £4 UK P&P in Terran currency).Cousin Zaaarg will be arriving back in the … Read more