Lovechild Live @ Last!

Incubus Lovechild took human form to play his first live appearance at the On Board The Craft festival in Bromsgrove, UK on Friday 9th September – you can view the entire set on Youtube here:

Rendezous & reviews

What a week my human friends! It’s been a busy & exciting time in the Lovechild camp with lot’s going on – I have been reviewing the demos of the ‘Deadworld’ album in my purpose built acoustic anechoic chamber and, as you can see from my intense purple glow (a sign of Rap-Rarian euphoria), they … Read more

Alien Sighting in Scotland

Greetings Incubus lovechildren! I had a most pleasing 48 hour visit to Earth recently to deliver the latest batch of Time Terrorist vinyl to Jellybone Records in Dumfries, Scotland – one of your planet’s premier suppliers of stoner, psyche & space rock recordings. I even picked up a selection of primitive albums to take back … Read more

Deadworld is Coming

***INCOMING TRANSMISSION*** Greetings humans!It’s been a busy month psychically connected to my Antarian thought transcriber crafting the tracks which will populate the forthcoming ‘DEADWORLD’ album, and I have now chosen 9 audio constructs to overexcite your Hypothalamus when introduced to your aural receptors! I am in negotiations with the Terran vinyl production plant to produce the wax … Read more

Time Terrorist Cassette Released

Greetings Humans! To celebrate the first anniversary of the ‘Time Terrorist’ E.P. arriving on your planet, SkidMark Multimedia Productions has released a limited (50 units) cassette which includes two bonus tracks and comes with a NEW design vinyl sticker to adorn your primitive modes of transport / abodes / Waste matter cubicles / places of … Read more

Vive La Lovechild!

The Flicknife records compilation album ‘Flipside Freaks red’, which contains a remixed version of the track ‘Time Terrorist’, got a cracking review in the latest Vive La rock magazine (Issue #88), and Incubus Lovechild got a favourable mention too! (Space) Rock On Earthlings!!

New Single Out Now!

OUT NOW! The digital & limited edition versions of the three track ‘Space Whaling’ single are available now on Featuring an extended intro version of Space Whaling & two new tracks of which said “Cool new tracks! Hawking’s Dream is proper epic & Ghosts has got some lovely intricate design” – go have … Read more